• About Amplify Peace

Amplify Peace is a global movement that promotes the principles of peacemaking to create change in our world. It was founded by women seeking to create a better story together with those who have been marginalized or silenced. The movement launches peacemakers through transformational immersive encounters locally and globally.

It all started when one woman said “yes” to a global encounter which opened her eyes to the life-changing power of story and the healing potential of peacemaking. She sat in tents with refugees, in circles with widows and in conference rooms with government officials, and discovered that every story is uniquely shaped by pain, courage, brokenness, trauma and hope and that every story deserves to be carried, to be told, to be amplified for peace.

Focusing on peacemaking as our core message, we partner with other organizations in various narratives (racial, religious, cultural, immigrant, refugee, gender, etc.) to challenge people to listen, learn, and live from the lens of peacemaking. Initially, it was created as a movement for women but as it evolved we recognized the significance of men and women working together. We believe we can create a better story and future when we come together and amplify truth and love and not perpetuate fear and hatred.

Amplify Peace is an introduction to a global worldview that reveals dignity in all people, and believes that for societies to flourish we must allow women to flourish. To that end we place a high priority on the leadership and thriving of women.

7 postures of peacemaking

Meet the Co-Founders

Lisa Jernigan

My world view and theology were disrupted with two simple invitations from friends. The first invitation was to attend a Telos Conference and the other invitation was to go experience the “holy land” differently. My husband, Cal and I were asked to go to Israel/Palestine, not as typical tourists, but as listeners and learners of narratives from both sides of the wall. Neither one of us had any idea at the time what life transforming experiences these would prove to be for us. Both would literally change the trajectories of our lives and life purposes in profound ways.

Now that I have seen I am responsible, was a quote I ran across in my pre-trip preparation for my first peacemaking pilgrimage and it was also a quote I saw spray painted on the wall in the West Bank. With this simple sighting God got my attention in a very personal way. This began my journey of immersing more deeply into the ways of peacemaking amidst the backdrop of this particular conflict. This immersive encounter became a huge catalyst for transformation in my life. And so my global journey was launched.

Danielle Strickland

I love discovering deeper and truer ways to live – I deeply desire to live a whole and meaningful life. I’ve discovered that what advances this for me is helping other people discover purpose, meaning and fullness in their lives as well. So, I’ve spent my life trying to be a catalyst for people to discover life, in all it’s fullness. I’ve done that in back alleys and board rooms and brothels, conferences and churches. I’ve been leading, speaking, teaching, writing, living and loving life with God for over 25 years. This includes various social justice projects in a bunch of different countries. I’ve found that the greatest transformation happens in people when they discover other people in new ways. So, I consider it a great joy to be a part of Amplify Peace which seeks to be a way of discovery for women to join a global community of peacemakers. I truly believe that peace is meant for our time and I’m surrendered to it’s flow. I hope you’ll join us in discovering the life giving possibilities of peace for you and the world.