Entries by Lisa Jernigan

Peace Begins With Me!

On our local and global immersive encounters, we will find ourselves quite often sitting in sacred spaces listening to peacemakers who know or have known the heart ache of oppression and injustice. We listen and learn and are transformed by their stories. But, we also learn from each other as trip participants in the sacred […]

The Concept of True Reconciliation

“In the end, reconciliation is a spiritual process, which requires more than just a legal framework. It has to happen in the hearts and minds of people.” Nelson Mandela I recently returned from a vision trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where I went to lean in, listen and learn about the apartheid narrative in […]

Peacemaking Is…

Peace is beautiful. Peacemaking is brutal. Everyone wants peace but not everyone is willing to engage or sacrifice to do the difficult work of peacemaking. Peace sounds beautiful, wonderful and so . . . Peaceful! Peace is attractive however, the work of peacemaking is not. Peacemaking requires us to step out of comfort zones, readjust […]

The Now and the Not Yet!

My world view and theology were disrupted with two simple invitations from friends. The first invitation was to attend a Telos Conference and the other invitation was to go experience the “holy land” differently. My husband, Cal and I were asked to go to Israel/Palestine, not as typical tourists, but as listeners and learners of […]