• Global Immersion Encounters


In our world it’s hard to believe we can change things… violence, fear, war, racism, systemic injustice –can we really change the future? Can we even imagine a better world?  Amplify Peace exists because we believe with every fibre of our being that not only can we imagine a better world – we can create one! All of us are invited to create a better story together. But how?

WHAT? Global 

Our Global Immersion Encounters are designed to disrupt and invite each of us to begin creating a better story together. A guided 7 day journey that invites you to discover the essentials of peace making. It starts before the travel with a pre-course web-based masterclass with Danielle Strickland. You will receive a full day of expert teaching on site – exploring the background of the geo-political realities on the ground and then visit significant cultural sites to see for yourself. We believe encounters are the absolute best learning strategies for healing and wholeness so our immersions are filled with real connections with local people who are making a difference in difficult circumstances. Holistic spiritual practices will lead and guide us to making peace with ourselves. And a vibrant diverse community travelling together creates a network of belonging that challenges and encourages. Post-trip debriefs, ongoing web-based discussion and an invitation to join the movement. 

Israel/Palestine: join other women leaders from around the globe as we embark on a unique journey of the Holy Land. Expect a “not so typical” trip that ushers in personal and communal transformation, where the history of faith meets a history of conflict. 

As influencers, we will learn about issues of power, persecution, politics, and possession that have divided the land in the present day. We will hear from a wide spectrum of voices, across Israeli and Palestinian society, in order to experience the vastly different realities of Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities who call this land ‘home’, and how those differences present both opportunities and obstacles for peacemaking.

We will listen and lean in, even when it’s uncomfortable and especially when we disagree; we will learn beyond sound bites and rhetoric; we will be inspired by those who live amidst conflict everyday and yet still choose to amplify peace; we will be implicated about our own responsibility to address conflict and the unique role we can each play to bring restoration and redemption; and we will build deep relationship and experience the vibrant and joyful cultures of the Holy Land. 

Encounter Coming Late Fall 2020

Rwanda: the land of a thousand hills is known for its beauty and its pain. Rwanda experienced the worst genocide the world had seen – over a million Rwandans were killed in forty days. 25 years later, from that tragedy emerged a country of leaders who have much to teach us about transformation, reconciliation and peace. This trip explores racism, colonialism, violence, fear, trauma, AND resilience, forgiveness, struggle, equality, and empowerment. Filled with disruption and invitation Rwanda invites us to learn from those who have experienced the unthinkable and who have learned to create a better story together.  

Encounter Coming Early Fall 2020

South Africa: Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu are global peacemaking heroes but they are not alone. Come visit a nation of people who have experienced the power and pain of racism, the struggle and victory of revolution, the purpose and practice of resistance, and the hope of a new vision. They forged a new future through the resonance of forgiveness AND we have so much to learn. From Table Mountain views, to Robin Island prison cells, to townships and countryside, this immersion explores the rich tapestry of a diverse, full, beautiful people with much to teach us. 

Encounter Coming Late Spring 2020

Southern USA: Explore the deepest rooted truths of America’s beginning. Provocative and disruptive, this immersion takes us back in time: visiting plantations, exploring slavery, exposing racist origins and explores the hopeful and inspiring tapestry of heroes from civil rights leaders, American native champions, change makers, and revolutionary practices that invite us to create a better world together. From Jazz to Rock N Roll, crab boils to grits, rural to cities, our immersion teaches us the strength and potential of difference. 

Encounter Coming Early Spring 2020