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Our world is constantly seeking to divide us. It emphasizes the differences we have between one another instead of choosing to see our similarities, which connect us as people, as human beings. We are choosing to live divided and isolated from each other when someone votes differently, has a differing opinion, practices a different faith or has a different skin color. Amplify Peace is about spending time with those who are different than us and listening to their story. Really listening. Hearing their story and revealing their God given dignity. It’s also about becoming a learner, a practitioner of living life differently and ushering in hope for a better future.

We are continually creating these unique spaces locally in various communities and globally through comprehensive and interactive learning experiences. As a global movement of women in community, leading, learning, and networking, we are activating the ways of peacemaking to create a better story together. Our immersive encounters are custom created to be time sensitive, relevant and transformative.

Are you ready to join the movement?


Pray that you will listen to understand, be open to learning, and live differently as a result of becoming a peacemaker.


Check out our list of great resources to learn more about how to become an effective peacemaker. Join our email list on the right-hand side of this page and follow us on Instagram (@amplifypeace). ***Disclaimer, this WILL disrupt your current worldview like it did ours. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.


Join us on one of our immersive encounters, either locally or globally, engaging in historical and modern day narratives for a better understanding of the ways of peacemaking and peace-building. We will prepare you to “see” people, situations, and circumstances through the peacemaking ways of Jesus. We believe peacemaking has to be experienced and we will make it simple for you to engage. Below you will find a list of our upcoming encounters. Make sure to check back regularly for new encounters as we are constantly creating new ones!

Starting a Peace Circle is your next step on your peacemaking journey. Click here to find out more.

Upcoming Immersive Encounters

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