Native American min-tro (mini introduction) 101 Webinar

Join us for a one hour mini intro to the Native American narrative. Kristine FireThunder will be our host as she provides an overview of some history of the Native culture that is informing  current day issues facing Tribal Nations. On this webinar, you will be able to submit questions as Kristine leads us on a journey of discovery and curiosity. No matter where you are on your journey of listening, learning, and living differently, this hour has something for you!

Short Bio of Kristine FireThunder: She is currently the Policy Adviser on Tribal Affairs, Office of Governor Doug Ducey. Kristine’s primary responsibility is to provide strategic analysis and advisement to the Governor and serve as the inter government liaison to 22 tribal nations to assess project development with groups representing tribal interests and implement culturally appropriate special projects to enhance the quality of life for tribal members. Kristine has earned both her Bachelor of Science and Executive MBA from Arizona State University and is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation.

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