• Local Immersion Encounters


We believe that every global issue is connected to local ones. We are a global/local movement. Our Local immersions are one day encounters designed to disrupt and invite but remain accessible and affordable. Exploring people, culture, social issues, and areas of conflict in our own communities, these trips open the way for us to explore together what peace making looks like in our own context. Local immersions range from meeting refugees as friends, to understanding the immigrants journey, to exploring racial difference as strength, these trips are designed to invite us to start right where we live.

Refugee: Imagine needing to flee your home. Maybe it’s war, or famine that has caused you to leave, but nevertheless you find yourself carrying all that you own, and in search of a new home, or at least a safe place for your and your family. What do you take? Where do you go? How do you communicate with language barriers? 

In this immersion you will meet survivors, overcomers, and those with the resilience to endure.

Encounter Coming Late Fall 2019

Native American: There is a common feeling among much of our Native American population that they have been “unseen” among us. This Immersive Encounter will help us to open our eyes and begin the journey of “seeing”. We believe this is an important part of Amplifying Peace and provides an opportunity to listen to history and stories we have never taken the time to hear before. It will cause a disruption in our hearts as we find we have too often only listened to one side of a story and, as we have found, there can be danger in a single story. This subject is far too important and too vast to limit to a one-day encounter. We have organized this experience for people to go deeply into this encounter, if they wish, or spend just one day gaining insight.

Encounter Coming Early Winter 2019