Global Immersive Encounters

South Africa – Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places on our planet to visit today. This Immersive Encounter will take you on a journey to understand its historical roots through the transatlantic slave period, into the Apartheid era and recognizing the realities of today. Though Apartheid formally ended in 1994, there is still much to do and much to learn in moving forward as a flourishing society for all. One of the places of interest we will visit is Robben Island, the prison that was home to Nelson Mandela during the apartheid years. This entire encounter will be about listening and learning through the eyes of peacemaking and with a heart of empathy and compassion. Joining us along the way will be practitioners of peace from various ethnicities and life experiences. It will be a profound experience on many levels.


Israel Palestine

Join other women leaders from around the globe as we embark on a unique journey of the Holy Land. Expect a “not so typical” trip that ushers in personal and communal transformation, where the history of faith meets a history of conflict. As influencers, we will learn about issues of power, persecution, politics, and possession that have divided the land in the present day. We will hear from a wide spectrum of voices, across Israeli and Palestinian society, in order to experience the vastly different realities of Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities who call this land ‘home’, and how those differences present both opportunities and obstacles for peacemaking.

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