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We are a polarized nation and world. Political, religious, racial and gender polarization (and others) are increasingly dividing our churches, our communities and families. These growing divides are reflected in our personal lives and relationships. There is a shifting and clashing within culture that is having huge ramifications today and will impact future generations. The time is now to listen, learn, and live differently.

Amplify Peace is a global movement that promotes the principles of peacemaking through the teachings of Jesus to create change in our world. We believe that peace and transformation begin within each of us individually and then flows outwardly to our families, communities and world.

We intentionally and strategically provide opportunities, trainings, resources and experiences to connect people in respectful dialogue and effective communication. We seek to build bridges and plant seeds of God’s truth, hope, and peace where friendships are formed and compassion and empathy emerges.

Founded by women, we are creating a better story together by amplifying the voices of women, along with those who have been silenced and marginalized. The movement encourages new ways of thinking, seeing and responding to the world through local and global immersive encounters. We value respect, authenticity, inclusiveness and we believe that all stories are sacred.

Lisa Jernigan

Co-Founder & President

Danielle Strickland