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Creating Peace – 30 Day Journey

Designed to help you in your journey to understand the ways of peacemaking and living as a peace maker, use this journal as a personal discovery guide while you navigate learning to be a peacemaker. The Creating Peace Journals were created to provide another way of continuing your journey of listening, learning and living differently as a peacemaker. Because we learn best in community, we have created an online opportunity for you to connect with others to share your thoughts, insights and to process “out loud” as you go through the Journal. We call these Peace Circles.


Navigating Peace – A Students Journey into Peacemaking

Peacemaking is generational in its impact and not limited to a particular age group. That’s why we are intentional in reaching the generations, especially children and youth to change the conversations and transform culture. This program was created to guide students into an experience of becoming a peacemaker. This ten-day journey is designed for small groups to collectively lean in and engage as individuals and in community. With the guide and discussions, students will step into topics such as: loving and praying for my enemies, having peace with self, peace with God and peace with others as well as what it means to use your voice.


Peacemaking 101

Are you ready for a unique way to expand your cultural and global understanding in a safe, non-threatening environment where you can process out loud with others? There is nothing better than curling up with a new book, especially one that takes you on a journey of discovery and gives you permission to ponder ideas you might not have otherwise considered. Stories of courageous men and women who through trials beyond comprehension, learned the true meaning of putting love first, forgiveness, and the power of sisterhood and prayer. Join others around the globe as we breathe in these stories of hope and inspiration through the lens of peacemaking.

Because Peace Needs Makers

We are a movement for peace – educating, immersing, training and launching peacemakers to build united communities.
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